Contest Results

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Time to write a blog again! I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my Contest season. It is my obligation to tell you how I did up to today!
Well, I didn’t do a lot of contest lines, just one run at the FWQ 3* in Silvretta Montafon. Due to the lack of snow, to much snow, rain & storm ALL my contests, except from Silvretta have been canceled. I traveled France, Switzerland & Austria, coming home without any results. Making big expenses & cashing disappointments and just trying to keep up the motivation.
Maybe I just couldn’t believe I was really about to ride a contest but unfortunately I didn’t manage to make the best out of my FWQ 3* run in Silvretta Montafon. I was not in the right ‚concentration‘.
My run was all over very messy, from top till bottom. I wasn’t really ready at the start but I just went.. My first rock didn’t have a proper take off, so I skied past it. My second little feature had a complete flat landing, so I couldn’t take off and just skied it down mellow. Not really able to decide what to do next I just skied.. down.. straight.. With all of a sudden a short bright millisecond: Jump that little nose! Very unfortunate that this bright moment came at the moment I have the ’nose‘ on my left hand .. Mega turn and a slow little ‚hopp‘ to finish my ‚Forget-about-quickly-run‘.
The last bit of our hike was a little stressful for me as we had to climb down a few meters.. something I really do not like as I start to feel dizzy. Taking my skis off of my backpack, getting ready to start on the rocky, narrow edge just took me a bit to long. ‚Rider nr. 13!! Where are you heading?‘         Uhhmm… I will go riders-left.. ooh no wait, riders-right!     ‚3,2,1..‘       Oh stop!! I will go in the middle!!         ‚3, 2, 1, .. Rider 13 has started!‘
Forgot to turn my helmet camera on.. so no footage for you or me.  I didn’t know what I just really did after I finished my run.. but the riders who where down, told me I did a great run (??!) So, why did I not really have any feeling about my run?! That only happens if it was not interesting.. disappointment struck me right away. I messed it up, this was not a worthy contest run and definitely not what I had in mind.
Ok let’s be honest, it’s not that easy.. it can’t be good every time and I still did make the 9th rank in a field of 14 very strong riders. Hazel Birnbaum – tour rider, won the contest and showed, like the other girls, a very strong run. My run was not going to keep up to theirs but still did with at least a few.. I stayed on my feet and had a great time at this perfect organized @Open Faces Freeride Contest!

I’ve realized so many things during and after this contest. My weak points in my mental preparation, my line choice and the amount of risk I would allow myself to take… Riding just to keep my points together or riding a great line with the risk of crashing. The 3 years I have been away from the contest scene are noticeable, I feel a lack of experience, a uncertain feeling.  I decided to ride a ‚pussy line‘ just to get my first (!) result, aiming for a 5th or 6th rank, ending up 9th. No more such lines… I need something more exciting to get my concentration up! With the aim to ride onto the podium!
Setting my goals to the level of my possibilities, as I am capable of doing a lot more!
I noticed in Silvretta that my body/health is really doing well! The pretty long hike went very well, and not even a bit of burning legs after my contest run. Feeling good! I was expecting a lot more problems..  Following training sessions went really good too, getting stronger and more confident in my skiing. My jumps (balls 🙂 ) are getting bigger again, maybe not yet steady enough.. but I am at it. In the amazing snow conditions we’ve had the past 2 weeks, I was able to gain a lot of confidence![wpvideo v5NWHRRz]
Due to the fact that all my other contests have been canceled, there are not a lot of runs left, to get results. Today, March 13th, I would have had a contest in Weissee – Austria.. contest experience I am hungering for.. canceled for today due to bad weather.
Upcoming weekend its time for the FWQ 3* X-Over ride in Kaprun, on the 19th. of March! For now, the weather forecast and snow conditions look great and I just hope very strongly this stays this way!
I will go for a line that could make the podium, all or nothing is my plan! I will need a very good result out of 2 more possible contests this season. No pressure at all.. 🙂 . After the X-Over ride I will go to Cortina FWQ 3* .. if everything works a long.. plssssssss..

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