My work as a Ski Guide in Austria

I move in and around the ski slopes, no backcountry! In Austria (and most of the other Alps country’s) they follow very strict laws concerning the ski/Mountain sports. As an Austrian state certified ski instructor without the Ski-führer (additional mountaineering course) I am allowed to leave the the ski area as long as I will end the descent in the ski area again. Lift & Ride so to say.. (so yes, you will need a liftticket if you ski with me!)
berber kindAs I have not been able to develop myself anymore, the way I wanted too, I decided to become a ski – guide years ago. This meant I would be allowed to work on the slopes independently from a ski school. In Salzburg, the 1 and only way to work independently, without having a whole skischool.. with ‚just‘ 1 ‚little‘ restriction.. The ski-guide is not allowed to teach!  To get the license I had to complete a state government entrepreneur
course and Exams to add to the rest of my credentials.
Some years have been ok financially, most of them are less ok. but considering the fact that I have not been able to advertise with my credentials as a highest educated ski instructorbinding uit and due to Injuries, Illness, the lack of snow, financially troubled world.. and on and on.. I think I have done really well anyways! 😉
Tourism and especially weather depending seasonal tourism in risk sports, is just not easy!
Beside all the jobs I have and had over the years.. I have been working independently as a ski guide for many seasons now. Even though it has been and will be tough, I have been able to develop the way I wanted.

My own skiing improved, and out of my own experiences with skiing I created my own ‚product‘ which I share with great skiers & souls!
The problem is … how do I explain what I offer!?
Well I do not offer ski school .. so any of you looking for a ski teacher.. not me.. I am not allowed to teach.. You have to be a ‚good‘ skier before I will be able to take you with me. skiing red and black pistes. Scared of ice is no problem, I prefer powder too! 
‚active balancing‘ to describe it ..  it’s the road to ‚free‘ riding the mountains and your skis! It’s balancing your body, your soul and the mountain! Based on knowledge, experience, logic, the natural given and just skiing. Body, Soul & Mountain training = BSM Training
My main logic in this is: You have to ride safe and love it!!
As I LOVE the snow, the mountains and skiing,  I might as well be able to inspire you in your own skiing, when I show off a little 😀 ..
‚Young‘ and ‚old‘, not able to develop any more in a skischool, are welcome to come and join me skiing and absolve my training!  
If you did 1 ski course .. 3 x 2 hrs in the morning.. you need to go back to ski school! 
Skiing really well is not possible after 4 skiing weeks .. skischool can help! 
Your 6 year old will still need skischool too! 
Unfortunately the Austrian skischool system has been selling you that skiing is very easy and can be learned in only three days..  
I have never agreed with this! 
More unfortunate it is to see how incredibly insane and scary, people are shooting down the mountain these days.. Absolutely NO CONTROL ! (over brain, body, mountain and skis)  
In my opinion the skischool system has failed but you can still learn how to ski in the different ski-schools! (Ask for an experienced instructor!)  
..and I am happy if you are the one realizing you might need an instructor! 
So I am a passionate Ski Guide.. with 16 years of professional skiing experience.. trying to give experienced skiers what they need and as far as I know, they love it! 


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